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We have developed and published several 2d games for smartphones. Our first IP was “Hamad & Sahar.” It is a 2d platformer game with Arabian folktales twist. The game got a lot of attention in Qatar media when it launched first in 2014. Even today we are still receiving a lot of fans feedback and request for a new sequel to the game. 


We also helped two young Saudi women to develop and launch their first smartphone game “Fanajeel.” This game is popular in Saudi Arabia. The game was showcased in many gaming exhibitions like Gcon2015 & Comic-con.


Sports Day Heroes is our IP to represent a special event. The National sports day event in Qatar. The game was developed in a short time for the event. It was the center of the media's attention in Qatar and aboard.


We are not restricted to mobile platforms. We are currently working on PC games for steam. An example is "Hawks Game" (HG). HG has received a lot of feedback and love in Saudi Comic-Con, The game is still under development.

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