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About Us

Gamers at Heart

Space Crescent, launched in 2015, has rapidly evolved into Qatar's premier Game Development Studio, a haven for gamers and creators alike.

Striving to amaze our audience, we craft extraordinary digital entertainment content.


Our team is full of professional indie developers, animators, artists, and designers, and they continually push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

At Space Crescent, customer satisfaction isn't just a goal, it's our driving force.


We make every effort to offer each player an unforgettable experience, ensuring that our games are not just played but cherished.


Our Vision

Exploring our culture through the digital contents.

We are committed to transforming the game development landscape in our region.


Through the creation of content that resonates with our culture and history, we aim to inspire and educate the younger generations, bridging the past with the present in engaging and innovative ways.

Why Space Crescent?

Space Crescent is founded by passionate developers and gamers.

We understand the process of developing fun and a good game from the developer and the player perspective.

When you want to make a game, you need someone who will understand games and the elements that make it fun and appealing to your targeted audience.

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